A Law Firm Driven by Your Needs  

LivingstonBarger is a Bloomington, Illinois based law firm specializing in medical litigation, corporate and business representation. We turn the problems of our clients -- individuals and businesses in the Midwest -- into quick, effective, and desirable solutions.  

Established in 1920, LivingstonBarger is widely recognized as a leading provider of legal assistance. Our practice areas include litigation, corporate representation, agribusiness, estate planning, and more. 

We consider each client a partner. As a partner of LivingstonBarger, we will work around your guidelines and cater to your requests and specifications from billing to reporting requirements. LivingstonBarger is also trained and experienced in HIPAA compliance, and will keep your patient information safe and secure at all times.  

The foundation of our practice is built on achieving your goals. We are responsive to your needs, questions, and calls, and will take the time and care to understand your needs and create a plan to fulfill those needs.  

Success Relies on The Details  

Successful representation relies on paying attention to every detail, and here at LivingstonBarger, we concentrate on ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and every aspect of a case matter, issue, and problem is taken into consideration.  

Our History Representing the Midwest  

Time-tested and committed to serving the needs of the people and companies that make the Midwest unique, LivingstonBarger has grown into one of the most trusted and reliable law firms in the region. The roots of our firm date back to 1882 with Kerrick, Lucas & Spencer, located in Bloomington, Illinois. Before the turn of the century, “Sig” Livingston, founder of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, began practicing law in Bloomington.  

Herb Livingston, Sig’s nephew, eventually formed Bracken, Livingston and Murphy in 1928. Through the Great Depression and other difficult times in our country’s history, LivingstonBarger has continued to thrive. In 1983, the firm became known as Livingston, Barger, Brandt & Schroeder (LBBS), until 2016 when the name was changed to Livingston, Barger, Brandt & Schroeder, LLP. While continuing to grow our firm in Bloomington, Illinois, we added a second office in Champaign, Illinois to reach and help individuals and businesses in a new market. LivingstonBarger now serves Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  

Meet the LivingstonBarger Team of Attorneys 

LivingstonBarger is a large team of dedicated professionals who go above and beyond for our clients. Each attorney and team member are at the top of their field and committed to your success.  

Our Service Extends Beyond Our Office  

When not working to fulfill the needs of our clients, our attorneys are making an impact as leaders in the local communities. From working with farmers to train them in resilient, restorative farming techniques through The Land Connection, to volunteering for the YMCA, to assisting with our local chamber of commerce, LivingstonBarger regularly contributes and gives back to our communities and nonprofits.  

Cultivating Better, Motivated Attorneys and Staff 

LivingstonBarger is focused on developing motivated partners, associates, and staff. We believe that attorneys and staff practicing in a professional, positive, and supportive environment are able to give more to their clients, and will have more rewarding careers.  

Interested in a career at LivingstonBarger? Contact us for more information.