Simplify and Strengthen Your Appeal with LivingstonBarger  

Appeals are time-consuming and difficult to navigate. From using the right colored paper to preparing every detail with accuracy, a single mistake could be costly. Partner with a capable and effective legal team to ensure your appeal results in your best interest without disrupting it - partner with LivingstonBarger.

With decades of successful experience in appellate law at both the state and federal levels, we will simplify the appellate process for you and strengthen your case.  

LivingstonBarger assists clients on both sides of the appeals process - either preserving victories or correcting losses in the trial court. Our team guides large corporations, insurance companies, medical teams, and healthcare providers through the appeal process.  

LivingstonBarger has a large team that is able to handle all of your appellate advocacy needs. We are responsive and flexible, adapting and supporting your needs throughout the process. We will accommodate your billing and reporting requirements, quickly dive into the specifics of your case, and use our expertise to properly handle every aspect of your appeal.  

Appellate Advocacy Representation Services:

  • Researching, writing, and filing an appeal 
  • Collaborating with trial lawyers  
  • Assisting with mock arguments  

Appellate Advocacy Attorneys

Our experience in appellate law extends to clients within all types of litigation, meaning our team is qualified and prepared to lead your appeal regardless of the form of litigation involved. 

Peter W. Brandt

Partner, Bloomington

Thomas B. Borton

Partner, Champaign

Kirk A. Holman

Partner, Bloomington