Safeguard Your Business and Employees  

Legal documents play a vital role in protecting your business interests. Employment agreements provide protection for your business and your talented employees. These legally binding documents outline the terms of relationships and include employment term, salary, sick time and vacation leave, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, methods for resolving employment disputes, grounds for termination, and severance.  

LivingstonBarger has a team specially dedicated to issues faced by hospitals, healthcare providers and practices.

Stark Law restricts physician referrals where a physician has a financial relationship with a referred health service provider. Penalties for violating Stark Law include a fee of up to $15,000 for each service billed and three times the amount of the government overpayment. Civil action may be pursued against medical practices that violate Stark Law. LivingstonBarger has experience representing clients in cases in which Stark Law is involved, and can advise your organization on how to best approach Stark Law related issues.  

LivingstonBarger’s Employment Agreement Services and Specialties Include:  

  • Employment Agreements  
  • Handbook creation
  • Non-Competition Provisions  
  • Negotiations of Agreements
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Handbooks

Employment Agreements Attorneys

LivingstonBarger’s legal team has decades of experience and a successful track record in creating, analyzing, and negotiating employment agreements.

Peter W. Brandt

Partner, Bloomington

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Partner, Bloomington

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Partner, Champaign

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Partner, Bloomington