Overcome Disruptions with LivingstonBarger

Accidents disrupt the lives of those involved and create challenges for insured and insurer. It’s in the best interest of all parties involved to resolve the situation quickly. LivingstonBarger accomplishes this while following insurance provider guidelines and meeting the needs of policyholders, and we will deliver the same to you.  

LivingstonBarger provides insurance representation to local, regional, and fortune 500 companies with offices across the country.

With our research team, LivingstonBarger uncovers the details of the incident and organizes the information that becomes an integral part of our plan moving forward. Our team of attorneys and supporting staff then work together to create and complete a plan that is focused on accomplishing your goals. Throughout the entire process, we represent your interests professionally and put our time, efforts, and resources into each case, from the initial consultation through litigation.  

Our Insurance Coverage Experts Work with Your Team to:   

  • Research and review the case in a timely manner 
  • Prevent conflicts of interest  
  • Adapt quickly to serve your needs 
  • Follow required guidelines and billing requirements 
  • Abide by HIPAA Rules 
  • Litigate  

Insurance Coverage Attorneys

Richard E. Stites

Partner, Bloomington

Thomas B. Borton

Partner, Champaign

Kirk A. Holman

Partner, Bloomington

Jonathan J. Bobell

Partner, Bloomington

Rachel J. Brandt

Associate, Bloomington