Bringing Decades of Expertise and Dedication to Medical Liability Defense 

Healthcare providers take pride in healing and caring for their patients. When facing a claim of malpractice, their reputation and professional standing are at stake. Malpractice cases can take years of time and attention away from your life and livelihood, lessening your impact on the patients you deeply care about. Our approach is to give you the support you need during a stressful time in your life.  

Over 42% of physicians have faced a malpractice claim, 65% of which have been withdrawn, dropped, or dismissed. With experienced, professional, and reliable representation, we will minimize the impact a medical malpractice lawsuit has on you and your organization.  

We will guide your case in and out of the courtroom, in a deposition, and in trial.

Our Approach to Your Medical Liability Defense

Medical liability cases can be complex and difficult to defend. They require attorneys who can understand what happened in a case, from comprehending the medicine involved to the medical procedures that that were performed.  

LivingstonBarger takes pride in understanding every detail. We study medicine and medical processes. For example, we understand the differences in types of cancer, the elements of a successful knee replacement, and how medications work inside the body.  

We Assist Individuals, Corporations, and Organizations in Medical Liability Defense, Including:  

  • Insurance carriers 
  • Hospitals 
  • Physicians 
  • Long-Term Care Facilities 
  • Nurses 
Source: Kane, Carol K., PhD. “Medical Liability Claim Frequency: A 2007-2008 Snapshot of Physicians.” American Medical Association  

Medical Liability Defense Attorneys

Richard E. Stites

Partner, Bloomington

Peter W. Brandt

Partner, Bloomington

Thomas B. Borton

Partner, Champaign

Kirk A. Holman

Partner, Bloomington

Jonathan J. Bobell

Partner, Bloomington

Joseph R. Wetzel

Partner, Champaign

Rachel J. Brandt

Associate, Bloomington

Margaret M. Butzen

Associate, Bloomington