Protect Your Interests with a Strong Defense  

A personal injury lawsuit can put your future or the future of your business in question. When faced with a claim that you or your company was negligent and that alleged negligence resulted in an injury, LivingstonBarger will work alongside you and your team to uncover the specific details of the incident and prepare a strong defense.  

With the assistance of our team, you will be well-prepared to defend and move on from any pending personal injury lawsuit.

LivingstonBarger’s Approach to Personal Injury Defense  

Our process starts with understanding your needs. We are a firm that pays attention to every detail and listens to you. We then use our experience and processes to create a plan to defend you.  

The LivingstonBarger team excels in personal injury defense.

LivingstonBarger Represents Insured Parties in Personal Injury Cases, Including:  

  • Slip and falls 
  • Auto accidents 
  • Property loss 
  • Fire loss  
  • Other injuries   

Personal Injury Defense Attorneys

Our team includes specialist Jonathan J. Bobell, an LBBS Partner and attorney, and our team of assistants and supporting staff.  

Richard E. Stites

Partner, Bloomington

Peter W. Brandt

Partner, Bloomington

Thomas B. Borton

Partner, Champaign

Kirk A. Holman

Partner, Bloomington

Jonathan J. Bobell

Partner, Bloomington

Joseph R. Wetzel

Partner, Champaign

Rachel J. Brandt

Associate, Bloomington

Margaret M. Butzen

Associate, Bloomington