Guiding Successful Real Estate Development with the Right Legal Representation 

Whether building a strong case or a new building, a good foundation must be buying, selling, or established first. LivingstonBarger takes the same approach to your legal representation as you take when developing real estate.  

We work with you to understand your needs, create a plan, and then execute on that plan quickly. Our goal is to keep your projects going as planned while minimizing delays, unnecessary expenses, and legal roadblocks. 

We will guide your company through each stage of your ongoing and upcoming real estate development projects.

The LivingstonBarger real estate development team features experts in the field, including partners and associate attorneys.

LivingstonBarger Assists the Following Parties in Legal Matters Related to Real Estate Development:  

  • Developers 
  • Commercial landlords 
  • Residential purchasers  
  • Residential sellers  

Our Real Estate Development Services and Specialties Include:  

  • Acquisitions 
  • Closings 
  • Promissory note purchases  
  • Financing 
  • Commercial leasing 

Real Estate Development Attorneys

Thomas A. Jennings

Partner, Bloomington

Elizabeth B. Megli

Partner, Bloomington

Thomas M. Barger, III

Partner, Bloomington

William C. Wetzel

Partner, Bloomington

When working with LivingstonBarger, whether located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, or Missouri, you will be receiving the best representation in real estate development with decades of experience and a staff of dedicated legal help.